Waha MENA Equity Fund

The Waha MENA Equity Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of publically listed companies across the MENA regional equity markets. The selection of equities involves in-house fundamental research and a rigorous risk governance framework, as well as sell side research.

The Fund launched in January 2014 and in the seven-year track record of the strategy it has witnessed various market backdrops - both bull and bear markets in the region, oil prices at $100 per barrel and at negative $40 per barrel – and has consistently generated absolute returns for our investors.

The fund is actively managed by a stable, seasoned investment team with 40 years cumulative experience who are based in the region they invest within. The Fund follows an absolute return strategy employing a fundamental bottom-up approach with a macro and technical overlay. The Fund has a long bias but has the ability to invest on the short side to generate returns.

The Fund has won numerous regional and international awards since inception. Some recent accolades include:

  • Best Emerging Markets Fund – Context 365 Award 2019
  • Recognized in the Wall Street Journal survey in 2019 as one of the top performing hedge funds globally
  • Best MENA Equity Fund - MENA Fund Manager Performance Awards 2017

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*All returns and AUM figures are as of February  28, 2023.

Fund Performance – February 2023

Waha Capital MENA February 2023 performance

  • Inception

    January 2014
  • Net Return since Inception

  • Net Annual CAGR since Inception

  • Net Return in 2021

  • Assets Under Management

    USD 758.2 million

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