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The Fund is an absolute return, long/short strategy that invests in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) listed equities.

The Waha MENA Equity Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of publicly-listed companies across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional equity markets. The selection of equities involves in-house fundamental research and a rigorous risk governance framework, as well as sell-side research.

The Fund launched in January 2014, has consistently generated absolute returns for our investors. The Fund is actively managed by a stable, seasoned investment team based in the region with decades of cumulative experience. The Fund follows an absolute return strategy employing a fundamental bottom-up approach with a macro and technical overlay. The Fund has a long bias but has the ability to invest on the short side to generate returns.

Total Return Performance

Returns1 M3 M1 YrYTDAnnualized SI2Cumulative SI2
Fund (Net)1.8%7.9%2.5%6.5%16.2%306.3%

Calendar Year Performance

Fund (Net)27.2%7.9%14.0%11.7%6.6%19.7%14.1%32.8%12.8%


Data presented is as of 30th April 2023. (1) Please note the reference index not to be used as a benchmark for performance as it is not a direct comparison, source: Bloomberg LLP. (2) Inception date of Fund is 1st Jan 2014.


Total Return in 2022


Total return since Inception


Annualised Rate of Return

US$ 788.4 M

Assets Under Management



CFI.co Awards 2016 – Best Emerging Markets Investment Manager


Banker ME - Best GCC Equity Fund


MENA Fund Manager Performance Award- MENA EQUITY > $50M Best Diversified Asset Manager


Alternative Asset Manager of the Year


Top 50 Global Hedge Funds


EuroHedge Awards 2021

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