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2017 Sep 28

HealthBay Polyclinic opens Dubai specialist medical complex dedicated to women’s health

28 September 2017, Dubai, UAE: - HealthBay Polyclinic has officially opened a new multispecialty medical complex in Dubai that provides high quality women’s care, including in the area of diagnostics, oncology and breast care.

Part of the Anglo Arabian Healthcare group, the centre on Al Wasl road held its official opening ceremony on September 26.

“Patients are showing a preference for visiting specialist healthcare facilities, and this new medical centre offers expertise in the area of women’s health in an accessible location in central Dubai,” said Dr. Kamal Akkach, CEO and Founder of HealthBay Polyclinic. “We are focused on providing the highest quality diagnostic services and treatments in state-of-the-art facilities, putting patient trust and comfort at the centre of our approach to care.”

The new clinic is the latest expansion for the Anglo Arabian Healthcare Group, which is owned by Abu Dhabi-based investment company, Waha Capital.

“We see very strong demand across the UAE and the wider region for medical facilities that provide world-class care in specialist areas,” said Hani Ramadan, head of private equity at Waha Capital. “With the support of Waha Capital, Anglo Arabian Healthcare is expanding its footprint and becoming one of the region’s leading healthcare providers.”

Anglo Arabian Healthcare owns and operates a wide range of medical facilities across the UAE, including diagnostics centres, specialist clinics and a hospital in Ajman.

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