Channel VAS

Channel VAS

About Channel VAS

  • Operates in over

    25 Countries
  • Provides micro finance to over

    500 million mobile network subscribers
  • Established in


Channel VAS is the premium Fintech provider of Mobile Financial and Value Added Services for Mobile Operators, covering offerings from Digital and Mobile Financial Services to Advertising, Content and Marketing solutions, through Big Data and proprietary Analytics tools. Being present in 25 countries, Channel VAS has exceeded the $1 billion USD mark in loans in 2016. Channel VAS is an affiliate of Channel IT, Africa’s largest independent distributor of Mobile Network Infrastructure.

Our mission is to innovate ways for Mobile Operators to monetize untapped opportunities, increase their revenues and provide better services that help retain loyal customers, by providing end-to-end solutions that radically change the way people and businesses interact in emerging markets where the majority of the population remains unbanked.

With an addressable base of over 500 million mobile subscribers, Channel VAS’s operations account for $3 billion of the market’s total $100 billion value, with enormous potential for growth. Incorporated in 2012 and led by a team that has a reputation for building multi-billion dollar emerging market companies in the fields of IT, Logistics and Telecommunications, Channel VAS has a pipeline that is forecast to double the group’s size by 2020.

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