Waha Capital is dedicated to providing a rewarding and sustainable employment environment that leverages the rich diversity of the UAE.

“Waha capital“ offers development programs that provide individuals with customized experiences that are both rewarding, challenging and challenging:


Waha Capital believes inUAE Nationals and supports their career growth into leadership.

Fahad Al Qassim: Fahad: joined Waha Capital in 2009 as a Vice President in Mergers and Acquisitions. He has thrived in each of his roles and is currently Managing Director, Head of Principal Investments

“Waha Capital is a very dynamic organization, which is continuously growing and evolving. I enjoy working at Waha Capital as I like new challenges and greatly appreciate the trust, empowerment, and delegation of responsibility that has been given to me”.


Waha Capital offers UAE Nationals rewarding, long-term careers with structured on-the-job training, planned career progression and an opportunity to become part of a team of world-class professionals.

Shaikha Ghanem: In 2010, Shaikha joined Marketing and Corporate Communications department. During her tenure Shaikha has distinguished herself with success and progressed to a Marketing and Corporate Communications and Associate role. “Waha Capital offers a great environment to develop as a professional which drives me to constantly challenge myself. If you have the will and dedication to excel, Waha Capital will provide you with the proper support and guidance, offering you added responsibilities and consequently helping you move ahead with your career”


The UAE National Graduates Program is targeted toward UAE Nationals seeking a career in the finance and investment world. The extensive 18-month program provides graduates with an opportunity to start their career and attain a Master's degree in finance from a leading business school, and/or financial qualifications (CFA certificate). After successful completion of the program, participants become part of the investment team. Majed AbuJarad: Majed joined the UAE Graduates Program in 2013 to build a career in the investment sector. Majed leveraged his Masters Degree in Finance from the Ohio State University and the experience gained in the program, to become and Associate in the investment team.

“When I visited Waha Capital, I was impressed by the multicultural and diverse environment. As a UAE national I was looking for a unique place to start my career and I found Waha Capital to be the best match. Here I can be exposed to the best pool of expertise and individuals with strong experience. I believe that not all of that is available in one company and that's why I was proud to join the Waha Capital family Internship".

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