Board & Management


Waha Capital’s senior management team is comprised of talented professionals with significant regional and international experience and world-class expertise developed at leading global investment firms.

Mohamed Al Nowais

Managing Director

Mr. Al Nowais joined Waha Capital as Managing Director in May 2023, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the investment sector.

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Ahmed Khalifa Al Mansoori

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ahmed Al Mansoori joined the Company in May 2022 and commenced his role as Chief Operating Officer as of 1 January 2023. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Al Mansoori was the Managing Director of Gulf Paradise Real Estate Investments and Chief Executive Officer of REEF Real Estate.

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Mark Benn

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mark Benn joined the Company in November 2022. He brings with him a wealth of experience in financial services, particularly with respect to governance, disciplined investment processes and asset management operations.

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Mohamed El Jamal

Chief Investment Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Waha Investment

Mr. Mohamed El Jamal joined Waha Capital in 2010 and since that time, he has been instrumental in setting-up and leading Waha Capital’s Public Markets business.

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Hashem Dabbas

Chief Investment Officer, Private Investments

Mr. Hashem Dabbas leads Waha Capital’s Private Investments business. He is responsible for a broad global investment mandate, that is executed through two portfolios – “Global Opportunities” and “Core”. The fully flexible Global Opportunities portfolio targets investments in the alternatives space with high risk-adjusted returns. The Core portfolio targets stable, cash-generative assets within the MENA region.

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Yazid Ben Salem

Head of Business Development, Waha Investment

As the Head of Business Development at Waha Capital, Mr. Ben Salem is responsible for driving the company's growth both regionally and internationally. Building upon Waha Capital's track record of success, he is working to expand the company's product portfolio as well as diversifying third-party investments to further accelerate progress.

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Maher Mansour

Head of Investor Relations & External Communications

Mr. Maher Mansour joined the Company in December 2022 and is the Head of the Company’s Investor Relations and External Communications functions.

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Said Djebbar

Head of Risk

Mr. Said Djebbar joined the Company in January 2023 and is the Head of the Company’s Risk Management function.

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Paul Myers

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Mr. Paul Myers joined the Company in August 2020 and is responsible for the Company’s legal and regulatory affairs, corporate governance, compliance and company secretarial functions.

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